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There has been a domination of India for a long time before. There are many different cultures and traditions in India. So we will tell you amazing facts about incredible India.

25 Amazing Facts Of India

1. Biggest Democracy

      India is the biggest democratic country and second-largest country in the population after china. India has the largest constitution of any country on earth and it was written in Constituent Assembly of India on 26 November 1949.

2. Largest Rail Network

      India has the largest railway network in Asia and there are over 16 lakh employees working in the railway department which is more than the population of many countries. Indian rail was started on 16 April 1853 between Mumbai to thane with a distance of 35 kilometers.

3.  Bird of Gold

      India has been known for gold while a long time, in past, India had been known as the bird of gold. But still, 11% of the world’s gold is owned by Indian women. Recently in 2011 the billions of rupees gold fond in secret chambers in Padmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala. So you can image how much gold had in India in the past. 

4.  Largest Postal Network

      India has a widely distributed postal network in the world, founded in 1854 by lord Dalhousie is the man who laid modern postal service in India. In this internet world still, all government works mostly depends on postal services in India.

5. Highest Number of Vegetarians

      The highest number of vegetarians are living in India because of some religious reasons, Some people believe in sin and virtue so mostly people avoid eating nonvegetarian mostly in India. 

6. Second English Speaking Country

      Indian is the second the biggest country in speaking English after the USA, while English is not even the national language of India. Most of the schools and colleges are adopted English for the education system so the new generation youth know English as a third language.

7. Mangalyaan

      India is the first country that had made successfully achieve on Mars orbiter in the first attempt known as Mangalyaan. It was launched on 5 November 2013 by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and also finds water on the moon.

8. Kumbh Mela

     In Indian, The Kumbh Mela is the largest festival in the world where more than 10 million people gather. It is celebrated in a cycle of approximately 12 years at four rivers Prayag, Ganga, Godavari, and shiphra. The huge crowd of Kumbh is also able to see from space.

9. Chess

     You all may know chess the world-famous mind game, right? even you might have played at least once in your life. But you may not know that  the world-famous game Chess is invented in India.

10. Floating Post Office

     Many of you have seen floating hotels, floating resorts even floating house maybe, but you know there is a floating post office exists on earth. yes, the First floating post office of the world exists in Kashmir in India.

11 Shani Shingapura

      There is a village in Maharastra, India named Shani shingapura, This pilgrimage place attracting over 40,000 devotees each day. This 300-year-old village has neither door nor locks for any residential houses.

12. First Rocket Launch

      You might be surprised after here that the first rocket launched of ISRO transported on a bicycle in Kerala in 1963.

13. Longest Cave 

      The world’s longest sandstone cave exists in Meghalaya, India and its approximant length is something around 24,000 meters. And 9 out of 10 longest caves of India have existed only in Meghalaya.

14. Epic Tree

      There is a 550-year-old tree in Andhra Pradesh that has made a place in the Guinness book of world record. you may be surprised but it has approximately 1100 branches, and this tree covers 2.1 hectares of area.

15. Highest rainfall

      Meghalaya gets the highest rainfall in India. And the place named mausinram gets the highest rains in Meghalaya, at this place 467 inches rain recorded every day which is more than anywhere in the world.

16. Magnetic Hill

      Ladakh is a beautiful tourist place in India but except for only tourism place, there is a magnetic hill that can pull your paused car up too, yes you heard right. this place is still a big mystery for science.

17. Human Calculator

      You may hear about Shakuntla Devi, she is also known as a human calculator. She was the first female mathematician who had done the multiplication of two 13 digital numbers within 28 seconds in Imperial College of London.

18. Largest School

      Do you know that the world’s largest school is in India? yes, the school name is city Montessori school which is situated in Lucknow, utter Pradesh. In 2015, over 50,000 students took admission in this school.

19. Language of God

      In India, people believe that Sanskrit is the god language and you won’t believe in this modern world there are around 7 villages in which people only use Sanskrit. (1) Muthur, Karnataka (2) Sasana, Odisha(3) Jhiri, Madhyapradesh(4) Bhagvar, Madhya Pradesh(5) Ganoda, Rajsthan(6)Mohad, Rajasthan (7) Hosahali, Karnataka., These are the 7 villages in which the people speak only Sanskrit.

20. The world’s highest cricket ground

     This cricket ground situated in Himachal Pradesh and its height is 7000 feet above the sea level. This cricket ground also has made a place in the guineas book of world record. This news could be good for Indians especially for cricket fans.

21. Lifeline Express

      Have you heard of this name before? tell me what comes in your mind first? many of you thought whether it is a train name or hospital name, right? but wait you won’t believe it but it is both, yes this is a train with medical facilities. This train is also known as Jivan Rekha express and it started in 1991. In this train, you will find from the operation theater to the doctors who can cure any of your diseases.

22. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

     We all know about this Mumbai airport but how many of you know that this airport is one of the busiest airports in the world? yes, this airport has its own record in which 960 flites did lands and take off both in 24 hours.

23. Karang Island

      Most of you never hear about this, right? This place is in Manipur. But the main thing about this place is that it has become the first place in India which is cashless. From the ordinary people to the fisherman all are use cashless transactions.

24.  Ballia Independent

      We all know that India is got independent in 1947 but did you know before that Ballia city is the first place that independence was achieved on 19th August 1942. you may be shocked right? but yes it is true that ballia city got independent 5 years before India.

25. Jadhav Payeng

      Have you heard this name before? if not then let me tell you that this person has made the whole forest. Shocked? but it is true. When Jadhav Payeng was 16, he started planting trees around the Brahmaputra. Today he is 56 years old and he has built a complete forest which is bigger than any central park in India. The name of this jungle is molai jungle and from the lion to the elephant are living in this jungle.

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