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Area 51 is very well-known about extraordinary things and there is no calling service or any street signs or proper road to drive and also no evidence of the life, nor even the slightest evidence of the outside world and society. Nobody has tried to ever venture out and seek out the secrets of this desolate merciless land. This place is located 132 km from the north of iconic Las Vegas, 89 km from any gas station down, 20 km dirt road on the other side of a seemingly innocuous mountain range. It is also well-known and has become an infamous icon in American pop culture. There are many names for this mystical place such as Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Homey airport and of course Area 51. This topic has also become very viral amongst internet memes and news articles.
Area 51 Truth History Raid Facebook Event
Restricted Area

Birth of Area 51

In 1955, during the Cold War and tensions between the united states and also then the Soviet Union were at a breaking point. President Eisenhower signed an executive order for the development of a high-altitude for military observation plane called u2. For this plan, they needed testing grounds for the new spy plane (u.s air force) which needed a 100 square km of a remote area near the already established yucca valley test range for a new top-secret project conducted by the CIA to be developed away from unwanted eyes. The reason for this was mainly being the lack of confidentiality at other nearby locations such as Edward Air force Base only a few km northwest of Los Angeles, originally established to facilitate the creation and testing of the top-secret u2 spy plane. The base was built on a former army airfield that had been used in world war 2 for bombing tests the base was significantly expanded to 1000 square km in the 1960s when a new airstrip and a structure of the fresh building were installed along with a new title being assigned to the base. The salt flat and old airstrip was added to the atomic energy commission`s Nevada test site which land abutted.
This was the true birth and history of Area 51.

Area 51 Truth History Raid Facebook Event
Top View of Area 51

After a long time, even people knowing the Government denied that this place does not exist. People living nearby also found that Area 51 is doing some secrets projects on evil or suspicious things which can be also wildest fantasies or halflife but most of all Aliens.
So, the question is What is it a base for spy planes or Aline research centers?
Amongst so many curious citizens including Greenpeace demonstrators had found that there are Unidentified flying objects (UFO) sightings in the area. Some people knowing about UFO also moved on with their lives not paying too much attention to this phenomenon. According to a news report on November 13th, 1989 in Las Vegas, there are several actually nine flying saucers flying around Area 51. Robert Scott Lazar said that he used to work in Area 51 and also mentioned that they had turned the top-secret military base into a destination for UFO.

Area 51 Truth History Raid Facebook Event

Facebook Event (Area 51 RAID)

Area 51 Truth History Raid Facebook Event
Facebook event

This Facebook event was created by Mattie Roberts who was very found of Aliens and just wanted to create posts that would let people share and laugh on wacky things. He created an event on Facebook which says let’s see the Aliens together which named Galactic community storm Area 51 they can’t stop all of us. They planned to run to the barriers of Area 51 like Naruto run raid on Area 51. Almost 20000 people signed up to join on the fun and run Naruto style into Are 51. But only 2000 people showed up and only 200 people went to the gate on time and even 2 were arrested for misbehaving.
This all thing makes the creator of the Fb event famous like he got hundreds of page views and also thousands of Facebook friends and also a visit from the FBI.

Also, an Air force spokeswoman told that the event instantly took the internet by storm and nearby towns near Area 51 were forced into states of emergency due to he quick rise in attention to military activities. These also gave rise to visitors and tourists before the month event was happening. This also alerts the US Air force and they responded with a heavy word that we will discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we trained American Army. But then also The storm Area 51 Facebook event seriously and actually show up at the heavily guarded site.
I think the raid didn`t even happen at least not a real raid.

Area 51 Truth History Raid Facebook Event
Warning signs near Area 51

Now also one more interesting thing there are some houses near the area which the government of America wants to buy that house from the people for so many dollars just to keep the Area51 more secret. But the owners just decided to not leave and stay there no matter what the amount of government money that they offer them. So now also they are many people living there. 

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