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SeriesElena And The Secret Of Avalor  
CreatorJamie Mitchell
Produced byCraig Gerber
Release DateNovember 20, 2016


In the Kingdom of Avalor, Elena takes Naomi to the mountains to show her her favorite sight in the kingdom. He complains to Naomi that he has been trapped in the Avalors Save for forty-one years and shows him the broken wand. She tells him that this is Shuriki’s wand and how she would have been trapped in the mascot if not for the brave young princess: Sofia. Elena then tries to tell Naomi the full story: A wagon train passes through Avalor Castle very quickly as it is followed by a green fog. When the cat carriage arrives at the castle, Elena leaves just in time to meet her parents when the mist reveals someone who has miraculously killed Elena’s parents. The mage then tried to attack Elena with the same spell. The attack awakened Sofia’s meditation. Flora goes out and fires the students for summer vacation. When Sofia returns to the train, Sofia’s mascot begins to glow blue, warning her that her time in the secret library is running out.

Meanwhile, King Roland and Queen Miranda are considering where to take the children for summer vacation. When the royal twins meet them, they reveal that they have not found a way out. Meanwhile, Sofia reaches the back wall and goes to the Secret Library. When she arrives, the library selects a book called The Lost Princess of Avalor, which surprises Sofia. When the book stepped on the pendulum, he became a man known as Alacazar, the wizard of the kingdom of Avalor.

Then he tries to tell Sofia about the story of “The Lost Princess of Avalor”, which is the story of Princess Elena. On his fifteenth birthday he received the Avalor amulet from his mother. But on that fateful day, an evil wizard named Shuriki, who took power, invaded Avalor. He attacked and killed the king and queen and set his target on the palace. According to the story, Elena decided to face Shuriki herself. When Shuriki tries to attack her, her amulet saves Elena’s life by pulling her inside. Alacazar finds the amulet and realizes that the only way to free Elena is to find a special princess to free her.

For years Alacazar searched for the princess until she was too old to continue. Then he used the last spell to become the book he turned. Alacazar also explains that the mascot has tried many princesses over the years and so far the mascot has chosen Sofia to free Elena. To free Elena, Sofia must go to Avalor and name her Chanul. Alakazar also warns Sofia to be wary of the powerful and evil Shuriki. Sofia meets her family and persuades them to go on vacation to the Kingdom of Avalor. The royal family then sailed to Avalor.

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