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SeriesNorm of The North
CreatorTrevor Wall
Produced byNicolas Atlan
Ken Katsumoto
Steve Rosen
Liz Young
Release DateJanuary 15, 2016


Polar bear Norma is the prince of the Arctic. In his youth, like his grandfather, he developed the ability to communicate with people, which is why he was ostracized from other animals. Only Socrates the wise bird and Elizabeth, Norm’s lover, accepted.

Years later, when Norm’s grandfather mysteriously disappears, tourists invade the Arctic. Socrates shows Norma and the three lemmings a luxurious apartment building on Arctic ice. Human Vera, the representative of the wealthy building contractor Mr. Green, lives in this apartment. After Norm saves Vera from an avalanche, Mr. Green wants to involve actors in polar bear costumes in his advertising campaign. Socrates persuades Norm and the lemmings to leave the North Pole and travel to New York.

In town, Norm pretends to be an actor in a bear costume and goes to audition for a Mr. commercial. Greens. Green notices that Norm is a real polar bear and suspects that he came to save his grandfather. It turns out that this was captured by Green and stored in New York. Later, Mr. Green tries to shoot Norm in a restaurant but is defeated by Norm. This brought media attention to Norm, which added to Mr. Greens. So Green finally decided to leave Norm.

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