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The LEGO Batman Movie Download
SeriesThe LEGO Batman Movie  
CreatorChris McKay
Produced byDan Lin
Phil Lord
Christopher Miller
Roy Lee
Release DateFebruary 10, 2017


Three years after saving the LEGO universe with Emmett and Wildsteel, Bruce Wayne/Batman has a major battle with the Joker and his allies. When the Joker detonates a bomb to destroy Gotham, he also mentions that he is Batman’s arch-nemesis. But Batman doesn’t believe him and tells him that it will never happen. With that he leaves the sad Joker on his run and Batman saves the city again by deactivating the bomb. After everyone in Gotham thanks him and visits the orphanage, Batman returns to his cave where he does lonely things like eating lobster, listening to rock music and watching dramatic comedies, his butler Alfred Pennyworth finds him and wants Batman not to confront him to be a part of it. from his family again but refuses to say that this is his greatest fear.

Upon seeing that he has been invited to Commissioner Gordon’s retreat, Batman leaves as Bruce Wayne, and when he meets Barbara Gordon/Butgirl, he falls in love. As a result, you will accidentally adopt a young Dick Grayson/Robin. Bruce discovers that Barbara Gordon doesn’t want Batman to continue fighting criminals unless she goes to the police. But the party is interrupted by the Joker and his allies, who confront Barbara when Batman comes to fight her. At one point, the Joker and the other foes voluntarily surrender, much to everyone’s surprise. When Batman sees that there is no more evil in Gotham, he is left alone in his cave, believing that the Joker is up to something. He decides to send him to the Phantom Zone with a Phantom Zone Ray, but before that Alfred interrupts him saying that he needs to spend more time with his son and improve his relationship.

With no other alternative, Batman meets Dick Grayson and decides to let him go on a mission to go to the Fortress of Solitude and steal rays from the Phantom Zone. First, Dick Grayson disguised himself as Robin. While Batman distracts Superman and discovers that they were having a 57th Justice League party that he didn’t invite, Robin manages to steal a ray from the Phantom Zone and they head to Arkham’s Sanctuary to retrieve the Joker in the zone. Ghost. They are both chased by Barbara Gordon and reach the Joker’s cell and send him to the ghost zone. But Batman and Robin are locked up by Barbara for making a mistake.

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