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SeriesThe Powerpuff Girls Movie  
CreatorCraig McCracken
Produced byCraig McCracken
Release DateJuly 3, 2002


The city of Townsville is dominated by crime and criminals. As the narrator (voice: Tom Kenny) explains, you see Professor Utonium (Tom Kane) buying sugar and flowers and leaving the supermarket while he sees Fuzzy/Peludito point a gun at the cashier. Utonium returns home where he tries to create the perfect girl from sugar, flowers and colored objects, but the experiment fails when a chimpanzee named Jojo squeezes the teacher, accidentally adding Substance X to the mixture, which is a huge explosion causing the mixture to get to Jojo and throw him out the window. the 3rd

After the explosion, Utonio recovered and found himself in front of three little girls. They scare the teacher when they greet them and tell them that they are his creation. The teacher names the three girls: Bombón (for her cute character), Bubble (for her relationship with soap bubbles), and Bellota (because she also starts with B, for her disappointment). Over time, the professor discovers that his daughter has superpowers such as super-speed and the ability to fly; while Jojo, transformed into a mutant and intelligent monkey, looks out the window.

The next day the professor takes the girls to the park and then returns to look for them. But the girls learn the plague game and start playing, using their super speed and flying abilities to reach each other, chasing each other around Saltadil but causing damage to the city (destruction of buildings, roads, etc.). When the mayor learned of the destruction by the girls, he left the town hall but went to eat cucumbers. The game ends when the girls discuss who is wearing it (as part of the game) and in pursuit they meet the mayor who wants to try cucumbers. At home, the professor explains that they may not need to use their superpowers in public for their own safety. The three girls understood, but what they really didn’t know were the consequences of their actions.

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