Time Travel | Is Time Travel Really Possible? What is Grandfather Paradox?

Today we are going to dig into some old questions about time travel, what is time travelling or is it possible for us to travel in time. There are many myths and theory about time travel which claims that travelling in time is possible and we can go to the future or past. There are few things from which Time travel can be possible like Time dilation, Wormholes and Parallel Universe. We will further discuss all this and gonna explain to you some myths about Time Tavel.
Time Travel

What is Time Travel?

Time travel is a concept of movement which occurs between two different points in time, which means travelling to a different destination in time by using a hypothetical technology called Time Machine. It is a widely recognised concept in science and fiction. Time travel comes in the science fiction category because it can be possible but currently, it is impossible for us. In the theory of Albert Einstein, Special relativity and General relativity had explained some Paradoxical Cycle which is called Grandfather Paradox.

Explaining Grandfather Paradox

Changes in Time

Let’s imagine, If you have a time machine and wants to go to your past like years ago when your grandmother and grandfather time and if kill your grandfather then there will be no existence of you in your present time will. According to Albert Einstein theory, you will be still alive and your life in a parallel universe will be changed. That means time travelling is just going to another universe and changes will be applied there. All this is known as the paradoxical cycle and the theory is named as Grandfather Paradox.

What is Time dilation?

Graph of Time dilation

If somebody goes to space by using a spacecraft and the speed of spacecraft is around 25000 km per hour and if it stays there for some time or travels in space for a period of time then comes back to earth then its age will be 0.005 seconds more than the people in the earth. This is the basic concept in Einstein’s special relativity theory and knows as Time dilation. This theory says that if any object travels with more speed to space then the time for that object will be slower than the object which is not moving. The difference in time will be affected more if the object travels at the speed of light. When speed increases time dilation also increases and not only time decreases, there will be a decrease in the distance which is called Length Contraction.

You will be thinking why all this is related to time travel, Let say that if your age is 10 and you travel to space at 90 % speed of light till 10 years and you return to earth at the age of 20 but on earth 24 years are passed. On the one side that means you travel in the future to 14 years. This is known as Time Travelling.

Imaginary picture of Parallel Universe

Another example of Time Travelling

If you have seen the movie Interstellar in which some astronauts lands on a planet where the gravity of the planet is 30 % more than earth pressure and it is orbiting a black hole at 55% of light speed. In which the mass of that black hole is similar to 100 million Suns and it is also spinning at the speed of 99.8 % of light speed. When the astronauts went to that planet and spend 4 hours there and return to the spacecraft when 24 years passed away. This is not just science fiction it is actually time calculation. Time on such planets is 60000 times slower which we cant recognize.
Why do all such things happen? because time itself gets slower when it is traveling at the speed of light.

So the question arrives, can we go to the past?

Some scientists believe that it is possible from a specific time structure which is also called CTC (Closed timeline Curve/Structure) or with the help of some lopes which are connected to some wormholes. So, scientifically going back to the past is a very complicated thing or not even possible at the viewpoint of causality.

What is A wormhole?


Wormholes are some holes in space-time where it connects to A point of space to another point of space. Albert Einstein theory of relativity allows such wormholes but in reality, we haven’t seen such wormholes in space. Therefore it is very difficult to go to the past but one day it will be possible and it will be also very useful for us.

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