Top 5 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India You Should Know about It

In a country like India, government jobs are a top-notch carrier option. Why not if you get money as well as power then who would do not like these kinds of carrier options. If you are a student and want to prepare for government exams then you should know these top 5 highest paying government jobs in India.

1. Indian Foreign Services

Obama Meets Indian Delegation Member

If you are passionate about traveling to foreign countries then yes, this job is right for you. Indian foreign services officers are selected from the UPSC civil services examination. These officers represent our country in front of foreign countries. They get a salary as well as additional allowance facilities. The salary of IFS officers could be Rs 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 per month. Not only salary but they get an official luxury car, free education in an international school for their children and free medical convenience as well.

2. IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer

Logo of Indian Administrative Officer

It could be proud to be an IAS officer in India. IAS officer has strong power, job security, and too much respect as well. These officers are policymakers of a country and the main part of the decision of the government works. An entry-level salary of as IAS officer could be 50,000 to 70.000 Rs. per month. But with this amount of salary, they also get such luxurious facilities such as luxury bungalows at the posh location, free education for children, free medical convenience and red-lighted car. They also selected from the UPSC civil services examination.

3. Defense Forces.

Indian Defense Forces Parade

If you are an adventure lover and true patriot then this job is suitable for you. You can protect your motherland country by joining India’s defense forces. These officers are selected from NDS, CDS, AFCAT, and many more examinations like that. They also get the same respect as an IAS officer and also get the same responsibility and power as well. A defense services officer’s salary could be from Rs 50,000 to 60,000 per month. They also get pensions, extra money for education for their children, and transport costs, etc. This job might be risky but this job will make you feel proud of your nation.

4. India Police Service (IPS).

K Vijay Kumar IPS with Staff

IPS officers are also selected from the civil services examination. These officers roll as senior rank officers in the Indian police force and as you know their main motive is to keep country crimeless and secure. They also get respect from people as an IAS officer and have job security and power as well. An average salary for as IPS officer is from Rs 51,100  per month. Yes, they get a personal car, personal assistant, one full facility bungalow and a lifetime pension after retirement.

5. ISRO/DRDO Researchers and Scientists

Indian Science and Research Organization

If you are a science lover and want a government job with persuing your interest in science then ISRO (Indian Science and Research Organization)  is the most suitable job for you. ISRO always finds talented engineers and scientists for their organization. An average salary of an engineer or scientist in ISRO could be from Rs 50,000 to 1,00,000 per month. So you will get a good salary, in fact, your achievement might become a reason for the country’s celebration.

So above we have shown the top-notch government jobs in India. This might be motivation for those who preparing for government exams. So we hope you enjoyed this post if you like then keep a connection with us. Thanks for reading – Whole Dope

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