Top 5 Online Business Ideas 2021 | You can apply today with Zero Investment

Top 5 Online Business Ideas 2021

Online business ideas 2021 are things without any investment in India that have become a big thing because of the cheap availability of the internet and nowadays everybody uses smartphones which makes things easier. As the tremendous growth day by day in the world were everyday things changes.

People in India are looking for many opportunities to work online and make money online or you can say online business. Also without any investment, you can earn money online.

The technology we are getting today is efficient to work from home in your comfort zone and make money online. With this opportunity, the concept to work from home has opened for many people in India, like College students, dropouts, housewives, and others who work offline as well as online.

There are plenty of online business ideas which you can apply right now with enthusiasm that can be started. But very few online businesses are there that can be started without any investment.

Who can start a business online with zero investment? What are the best ideas to start a business online without investment? Which business is best for online? What kind of online business is most profitable? All these questions I am going to answer you in this article, so reach at the end of the page to have a better understanding of online business in India without investment.

How you can start online business without Investment?

In this article, I am going to tell you about businesses which are going to make you earn lakhs and that businesses can be run online and yes you can start with zero investment. The business which can make you earn a lot then I think you should read this article to the end because it could be possible that in these five in one of the business there would be your interest.

If you pursue that field then you would earn money also and because business is trending we are going to grow and you can also be the reason for your growth from now only you can assure. So now I will go step by step and I am going to tell you about all the five businesses which can be started without any investment. So let’s start.

Top 5 Online Business Ideas 2021 (Without Investment)


Affiliate Marketing

let’s start with the first business and that is affiliate marketing now what is affiliate marketing means that we recommend someone’s product or services no customers purchase.

The most popular online purchasing sites or company are Flipkart and Amazon, which is used by most of the population in India. Not only these company provides affiliate marketing there are tons of companies which you can promote easily and get paid with commission.

If we just look up the top 10 affiliate networks that aren’t Amazon, we’ll see a ton of affiliate networks, we see ClickBank, JVZoo, GiddyUp, ShareASale, Avangate, etc. It’s up to you which you want to join.

Now, first off, two great affiliate networks to join are Amazon and my other favorite is ClickBank. So Amazon is very easy to join with just simple signup no approvals anything.

Amazon affiliate program provides you an affiliate link to any product you choose. With the help of this link, you can earn commissions by sharing this link anywhere on the internet by the right methods.

You can also try making a blog article to share your Amazon affiliate links to your audience or you can share links on your social media accounts if your using those sites many times and have many friends.

On the other hand that you have a lot of followers or supporters. You can undoubtedly share your affiliate links and urge your supporters to purchase items from your affiliate link.

Top 5 Online Business Ideas 2021

PTC Sites

Do you want to know how to earn money by clicking ads? And are you interested in finding out what the top PTC sites, meaning Paid-To-Click Sites actually are? You may be have encountered such sites before. I am very often asked about the best PTC sites where you can earn by clicking ads.

The sites that are popular and legit which I’m going to tell you are realistic methods to actually earn money by clicking ads. There are also lots of fake claiming sites also.

PTC sites will take quite a lot of clicks to be able to earn decent money. But it is free. You can get started right away and you can do it, no matter your background. And there will be options, no matter, the country you live in also.

Now the site that is genuine is “TimeBucks“, which is one of the gemanuine PTC sites. Another two sites are “Cointiply” and “Think Opinion“. These sites have many different types of jobs you can do on your desk just by your laptop or mobile. You can easily signup on to these sites by registering your email id and you can receive your payments on your bank account.

You work you get paid, no work no money. That’s how PTC sites work and you get paid for clicking ads. Consistency is the main thing that needs to focus on in this job.

Top 5 Online Business Ideas 2021


Contributing to a blog is making valuable content and providing information for a designated people. Once you have great information on a specific subject (Niche), you can make great lumps of cash by sharing it with an enormous number of people through your websites or blog.

If you work hard on your blog website you can gain lots of audiences, it will acquire prevalence with time. In the event that your blog draws in exceptionally high traffic, you can puts advertisements to your site to bring in money through ads.

You can apply for Google Adsense or approach advertisers and deal them the place Ads on your site. In basic terms, whatever I am doing on this blog is called writing for a blog. This is a zero investment business that can be started right away by anyone who is energetic about making content (A lot of content).

There are many niches on the market which have low competition which you can work on and you can easily start making money within 3 months. is a free tool provided by Google to create blogs without any investment.

Top 5 Online Business Ideas 2021

FREELANCING: Sell digital Services (Online Business)

One of the easiest and simplest methods to make money online is publishing your skills and services on websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and then you can start making money online by providing your services as a freelancer.

You can start making money online as a freelancer even if you have no skills and zero-knowledge. I will tell you five services or five gigs you can publish today on Fiverr and start making money online even if you don’t know anything.

There are plenty of gigs on freelancer websites that don’t require any skills you just have to Copywrite, remove background from any images, providing SEO reports, providing emails from websites, and also subtitling. All these services are free skill services and there are many if you search.

But the hardest thing on such freelancing websites is to get your first order. There are many people selling their services with good reviews on their profile, so you have to provide your best work at a low rate first and then you can increase your rate after some time.

Top 5 Online Business Ideas 2021

Youtube (Make videos to get paid)

Online business in India has gotten so well known among individuals after the advancement of Youtube.

As we all know and connected with youtube and its business thought. In the event that you are still new to youtube. You can make money by making quality content that attracts people to watch.

Youtube is worked and claimed by Google. You can make a channel here with any topic on your mind to upload videos related to your category. After uploading so many videos continuously, you will begin expanding your subscribers and later you will start earning step by step.

After you achieve more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch hour on your channel. You can undoubtedly put advertisements on your videos utilizing Google Adsense and start earning on that day.

Youtube is the quickest search engine for videos and taking the place of Google although Youtube is a Google product. People are favoring videos over text articles (But not everybody prefers). Youtube is now giving on the web occupations to a great many individuals.


I hope that you may have understood many things about How to make money online without investment. There are tons of tips and tricks on how you can earn online easily. You just have to found them with your intelligence. There are many people already in the market who are earning thousands of dollars each month with an online business.

You can also make thousands of dollars each month you just need to start and lots of hard work. One best tip I want to give you all is only one man cant make thousand of dollars a month there is a team working all day. And also there’s no shortcut to big bills.

I hope you find this article helpful and share this information with your friends and loved ones. Feel free to share and spread the knowledge.

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