What is Automated Cars? How Automatic Car works? and Future of Automatic Cars in India.

Nowadays automation is seen everywhere with the help of high-tech machines and artificial intelligence (AI), you can notice everywhere automation which reduce human power. Today we will talk about what is automated cars, How it works, Which companies are working on it and How much time will it take to come to India.
Let’s start!

What are Automated cars?

Transportation companies and many other departments are talking about how can an Automated vehicle can change the future of transportation. But, how exactly are Automated vehicles? There are two types of automated vehicles, they are as follows:-
1. Autonomous Vehicle (AV)
2. Connected Automatic Vehicle (CAV)

An autonomous vehicle is a vehicle which relies on its onboard sensors and capabilities to react on the situation, it mainly works on its main sensors which capture its surrounding and works according to it.
A connected automatic vehicle is a vehicle which is connected to other vehicles running around them which uses each other tracking, sensors and works according to it. They are also aware of their surrounding infrastructures, such as crossing and curves.

Self Driving Car

How it works?

Automated vehicles work with the help of software and hardware. Even for the self-driving cars, there is a need for the software so that they can function as best as possible without human fails.
Many years of testing automated cars use the best laser-based radar. These lasers are mainly called lidar. Lidar is known as light detection and ranging which functions with the Global positioning system (GPS) and inertial measurement unit sensors (IMU). These radars and sensors help the car to point the location of the car and other radars will send controls to the car when any obstacle comes within 10 feet of the vehicle. These types of sensors are meant for running of the car and keep you safe from any accident. But to work efficiently, the car uses its brain and technology to analyse cameras and GPS data to predict the fastest route to your destination. Special algorithms work betweens the cars engine and its software of that it can calculate the probability of any action taken by itself. This is how the brain of an automated car works.


Which companies are working on Automated vehicles?

Experiments on conducting automated cars are working since the 1920s, the first trials took on 1950s and then it proceeded since then. In the past few years, we have seen many changes in the world of autonomous vehicle technology and pretty much every automaker, suppliers and tech firms had spends billions of dollars into this new technology research but which company are truly working on it and will be the first company which make autonomous that everyone can afford. There are top 10 companies which are working on Automated cars. They are as follows.

1. Tesla

2. GM Cruise

3. Ford Autonomous

4. Aptiv

5. Intel-Mobileye

6. Volkswagen Group

7. Daimler-Bosch

8. Baidu

9. Toyota

10. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi-Alliance

Are Automated cars coming to India?

As we have seen above how an automated car works and needs a healthy infrastructure and conditions to work properly. But in India, there are almost 40-50 lakhs drivers who depend on driving for living So if such technologies introduced in India then maybe there will impact on the employment of 1 crore people. There are other few countries which have managed to achieve the level of the autonomous vehicle at 2 or 3. Therefore it is very difficult to achieve the top level of autonomy, which maybe take some more year to come in even developed countries.

Even the minister for road transport and highway Nitin Gadkari said that the Indian government will not support such self-driving cars in the nation. Because it runs without any human intervention and can cause the cost of jobs of millions of drivers in India. For now, it is not possible to see self-driving on roads in India but by 2030 for before that they will be many cars automatically drives you to your destination safe and sound. Worldwide companies like Tesla, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Volvo and others are working on such models but shortly, they will be available for others too.
We will update you soon about any news on Autonomous cars. Till then stay safe and drive carefully.

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