Wonder Woman Bloodlines 2019 Web-DL 720p

Wonder Woman Bloodlines
SeriesWonder Woman Bloodlines
CreatorSam Liu
Justin Copeland
Produced bySam Liu
Amy McKenna
Release DateOctober 5, 2019


The film opens with a prologue five years before the story, the prologue features Wonder Woman meeting Steve Trevor and leaving the Amazon island (at the expense of his mother and the usual ones on the island), and becoming a superhero.

Five years later, Wonder Woman helps her ex-boyfriend save her daughter Vanessa from entering the underworld of crime and after a fight with the giant and Dr. Poison fails, daughter Vanessa becomes supervillain Silver Swan.

After several tests, Wonder Woman realizes that she needs to find the island of the Amazon in order to return Vanessa to the beneficiary and cure her of the virus that started turning her into a silver goose for the island.

In battle, the leader of the Scavenger, Dr. Cyber, the secret weapon of Medusa, the mythical enemy of the past Amazons living off the scavengers. Medusa kills them and defeats the Amazons. Medusa, Diana reconciled with her mother and became an Amazonian heroine.

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